Hints for the Hidden Mickeys in Downtown Disney

Compiled from the book by: Steven M Barrett
Entrance to the Marketplace

Hint 1: Signs over the entrances to the Marketplace sport classic Mickeys at their sides.

Hint 2: At the Marketplace entrance near the bus depot, each water tube head in the interactive flat fountain is shaped like a classic Mickey, and the waterspouts are arranged to form a classic Mickey on the surface.

Outside Once Upon A Toy

Hint 3: You’ll find several classic Mickeys in the cement near the side entrance.

Hint 4: In a window display near the side entrance, snowflakes contain both classic and full length Hidden Mickeys.

Hint 5: Outside the main entrance, classic Mickeys are formed by truck tires (the ears) on top of Lincoln Log columns.

Outside Gourmet Pantry

Hint 6: You’ll find classic Mickeys on the tops of chairs.

Hint 7: The outdoor tables have classic Mickeys just below the metal mesh tabletops.

Outside Disney’s Days of Christmas

Hint 8: In wreaths around outside windows, Christmas bulbs are arranged to form classic Mickeys.

Outside Disney At Home

Hint 9: In the middle left of a large display window facing the Rainforest Café, you’ll find a small classic Mickey made of a loop of blue wire.

Hint 10: In the other display window facing the Rainforest Café, you’ll find a white classic Mickey on a blue tile to the left of the sink.

Near the Lake

Hint 11: Several sections of the green fence around the lake have repeating classic Mickeys near the top of the railing.

Hint 12: On the Marketplace walkway near the World of Disney store, the “World’s Largest Perikaleidoscope” has classic Mickeys behind glass in the viewing areas and outside along the walls of the tower.

Hint 13: Classic Mickeys are in the wrought iron of the table and chairs in a small gazebo between the Eurospain Store and World of Disney.

Outside World of Disney

Hint 14: Light brown classic Mickeys can be found near the top of the columns.

See Barrett's book, where you'll find six full scavenger hunts and clues to nearly 500 Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World, plus full descriptions and an Index that lets you look for Mickey wherever you find yourself in WDW.

Originally published 6 May 2005, last update 09 May 2010

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